Returns & Warranty

Returns & Warranty

We DO NOT cover any Modified blasters or any blasters that have had attempts to be modified.

When you receive your blaster you have 9 days to return it if not functioning properly, anything outside those 9 days we will not cover, and we will encourage you to find your nearest repair professional to carry out the necessary repairs.

If you return your blaster our team here at Gel ball Undercover will diagnose it and let you know what the next step is, this turn over can be up to 7 days, if it is a factory default we will send you a new one, if it is something we deem non factory default we will send it back in the order you have given it to us in.

We have specifically marked each of our blasters with a micro dot recognition to track if the blaster you have sent back is truly from our store or not. If we see any fraudulent blasters with false claims we will not be sending that blaster back because it is not our responsibility, so please be honest with your claims.

If you do need to send back a faulty product please email us at and we will proceed to assist your problem and get you reunited with your blaster again.

Any messages about faulty products or returns that are not emailed to the above email will not be replied to. WE ONLY READ EMAILS ABOUT RETURNS.